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  • Through dedication, enthusiasm and accountability, Family & Friends Community Foundation will strive to assess community needs, provide leadership, build endowments and provide worthwhile and meritorious grants to promote a cooperative, vibrant community.
  • The Yellowhead Regional Economic Development Authority can help you with a business plan, budget, small business loan, incorporation, registration requirements and much more! Small business handbooks are available free of charge to help you with your idea. Visit the Yellowhead REDA for more information
  • Saskatchewan has a democratic government run on the parliamentary system with an appointed Lieutenant Governor representing the Crown, and an elected Legislative Assembly. Saskatchewan produces 54% of the wheat grown in Canada and while agriculture is still very important to our economy, generating almost $2 billion annually, service-based sectors such as finance, insurance and real estate ($3.3 billion) also make a significant impact.
  • The BIS is an electronic database containing information on more than 1100 business-related programs and services from three levels of government, as well as key contacts within government departments and agencies
  • Saskbiz provides comprehensive economic and quality of life information for communities and regions in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan has a quiet stillness that invades your soul. The landscape is larger-than-life, the people down-to-earth, the cultural experiences authentic. There’s room to breathe in our cities and towns, our beaches and resorts. Discover a place where every visit rejuvenates.